Writing lap desk

In Georgian, Regency, and Victorian times, women and men used writing desks — also called writing boxes, lap desks, writing slopes, dispatch boxes or cases, portable or traveling writing desks, or simply boxes or desks.

Writing lap desk

Beautiful cherry veneered box contains a wood stylus, 3 nibs, a glass stylus and a bottle of ink. Writing essentials including 2 bottles of ink, 2 wood stylus and nibs are held within an ivory writing box, soft and feminine, adorned with acanthus leaves. Support her love of the written word.

Writing lap desk

Acanthus Writing Box, Large: Sophisticated, classic writing tools beautifully arranged in marble paper lined compartments. Seal wax paraphernalia and wax itself, all included to finish a creation in just the right measure of taste. All that in a wonderful hand painted and stenciled wood box, complete with brass hardware.

The Ship Chandler's Box is filled with all the paraphernalia to write an impressive document, which in the end needs to be sealed and stamped in was. Brass melting spoon, three beautifully turned wood and brass seals, a miniature travel burner to melt the wax, red and silver sealing wax in pellets and bars.

Glass and wood stylus, generous supply of various brass nibs and six assorted inks, in wonderful colors: All this in a handsome brass-bound wood box with lid and latches.

Enjoy the power of the written word. Beautiful cherry veneered box. Scribe's Treasure Writing Box:Looking for Wood Lap Desk? We have the best deals on Wood Lap Desk so stop by and check us out first!

Vintage Antiques For Sale. Vintage Antiques and More! Antique Vintage Style Folding Document Writing Slope Wood Lap Desk Slate Box. $ View It on eBay. LEWIS and CLARK WOODEN COMMEMORATIVE WRITING LAP DESK $ Jul 13,  · The 10 Best Lap Desks - Ezvid Wiki: The World's Video Wiki Currently, the best lap desk is the LapGear XL.

Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest lap desks since Jefferson’s Lap Desk is made of American Black Walnut, Rock Maple stringing, grey baize and brass. It is a close copy of Thomas Jefferson’s original portable desk he used to draft the declaration of independence, the original laptop.

Writing letters longhand is one of life’s simple pleasures, as is building this traditional lap desk. While you might not abandon your laptop computer for this more traditional item, it is an excellent place to write holiday cards, thank-you notes and personal correspondence.


Apr 09,  · Jane Austen’s Writing (Sloping) Desk. April 9, by Vic They were placed on a table or one’s lap, and were as personal as a diary, containing paper, pens, ink, and hidden compartments. Sample of Persuasion in Jane Austen's handwriting. Transform your favorite chair into a comfy lap desk that’s perfect for crafts, letter writing, crosswords, even meals.

Generously sized portable lap desk rests securely on chair’s arms without wobbling and includes two large elastic bands for securing papers.

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