Writing a call to worship for fathers day

I know the book was not universally accepted but I was wondering of those that embraced the book did they interpret it from a futurist, historisist, or preterist view? In criticizing LaHay and other "prophecy experts" they are both quick to point out that dispensational-premellinalims is relatively new on the scene so I was wondering how late in the game did preterist belief take to surface in the church?

Writing a call to worship for fathers day

As Scripture has called the Greeks pilferers of the Barbarian philosophyit will next have to be considered how this may be briefly demonstrated.

For we shall not only show that they have imitated and copied the marvels recorded in our books; but we shall prove, besides, that they have plagiarized and falsified our writings being, as we have shown, older the chief dogmas they hold, both on faith and knowledge and science, and hope and loveand also on repentance and temperance and the fear of God — a whole swarm, verily, of the virtues of truth.

Whatever the explication necessary on the point in hand shall demand, shall be embraced, and especially what is occult in the barbarian philosophythe department of symbol and enigma; which those who have subjected the teaching of the ancients to systematic philosophic study have affected, as being in the highest degree serviceable, nay, absolutely necessary to the knowledge of truth.

In addition, it will in my opinion form an appropriate sequel to defend those writing a call to worship for fathers day, on account of which the Greeks assail us, making use of a few Scriptures, if perchance the Jew also may listen and be able quietly to turn from what he has believed to Him on whom he has not believed.

How Did the Early Church Fathers View the "Revelation of John?"

The ingenuous among the philosophers will then with propriety be taken up in a friendly exposure both of their life and of the discovery of new dogmasnot in the way of our avenging ourselves on our detractors for that is far from being the case with those who have learned to bless those who curse, even though they needlessly discharge on us words of blasphemybut with a view to their conversion; if by any means these adepts in wisdom may feel ashamed, being brought to their senses by barbarian demonstration; so as to be able, although late, to see clearly of what sort are the intellectual acquisitions for which they make pilgrimages over the seas.

Those they have stolen are to be pointed out, that we may thereby pull down their conceit; and of those on the discovery of which through investigation they plume themselves, the refutation will be furnished.

By consequence, also we must treat of what is called the curriculum of study — how far it is serviceable; and of astrologyand mathematics, and magic, and sorcery. For all the Greeks boast of these as the highest sciences.

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He who reproves boldly is a peacemaker. We lave often said already that we have neither practiced nor do we study the expressing ourselves in pure Greek; for this suits those who seduce the multitude from the truth.

But true philosophic demonstration will contribute to the profit not of the listeners' tongues, but of their minds. And, in my opinion, he who is solicitous about truth ought not to frame his language with artfulness and care, but only to try to express his meaning as he best can.

For those who are particular about words, and devote their time to them, miss the things. It is a feat fit for the gardener to pluck without injury the rose that is growing among the thorns; and for the craftsman to find out the pearl buried in the oyster's flesh.

And they say that fowls have flesh of the most agreeable quality, when, through not being supplied with abundance of food, they pick their sustenance with difficulty, scraping with their feet. If any one, then, speculating on what is similar, wants to arrive at the truth [that is] in the numerous Greek plausibilities, like the real face beneath masks, he will hunt it out with much pains.

For the power that appeared in the vision to Hermas said, Whatever may be revealed to you, shall be revealed. In all your ways acknowledge her, that she may direct your ways, and that your foot may not stumble.

By these remarks he means to show that our deeds ought to be conformable to reason, and to manifest further that we ought to select and possess what is useful out of all culture. Now the ways of wisdom are various that lead right to the way of truth.

Faith is the way. Your foot shall not stumble is said with reference to some who seem to oppose the one divine administration of Providence.

Chapter Introductory.

Whence it is added, Be not wise in your own eyes, according to the impious ideas which revolt against the administration of God.

Whence it follows as a consequence that we are not to oppose God. The sequel especially teaches clearly, that the fear of God is departure from evil ; for it is said, and depart from all evil. Such is the discipline of wisdom for whom the Lord loves He chastenscausing pain in order to produce understanding, and restoring to peace and immortality.

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Accordingly, the Barbarian philosophywhich we follow, is in reality perfect and true. And so it is said in the book of Wisdom: For He has given me the unerring knowledge of things that exist, to know the constitution of the word, and so forth, down to and the virtues of roots.

Among all these he comprehends natural science, which treats of all the phenomena in the world of sense. And in continuation, he alludes also to intellectual objects in what he subjoins: And what is hidden or manifest I know ; for Wisdom, the artificer of all things, taught me.

You have, in brief, the professed aim of our philosophy ; and the learning of these branches, when pursued with right course of conduct, leads through Wisdom, the artificer of all things, to the Ruler of all — a Being difficult to grasp and apprehend, ever receding and withdrawing from him who pursues.

But He who is far off has — oh ineffable marvel! I am a God that draws near, says the Lord. He is in essence remote; for how is it that what is begotten can have approached the Unbegotten?

But He is very near in virtue of that power which holds all things in its embrace. Shall one do anything in secret, and I see him not? For God is not in darkness or in place, but above both space and time, and qualities of objects. Wherefore neither is He at any time in a part, either as containing or as contained, either by limitation or by section.Personal Comments - RA Baker (, edited ) It is important for me to state up front that THIS section is NOT under the normal rubric of CH, an attempt to give the facts, the data from the early church and the early fathers.

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writing a call to worship for fathers day

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Thank God for fathers who comfort and encourage. Worship Worship Planning Music Father’s Day Call to Worship by Kwasi Kena. One Voice: In a day when so many men are absent, we cherish the love of our fathers.

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