Packaging persuasion

Building on his acclaimed Selling Hitlerhe uses marketing scholarship to show how propaganda and political marketing existed not merely as an instrument of government in Nazi Germany, but as the very medium of government itself. Marketing the Third Reich explores the insidious connection between a mass culture and a political movement, and how the cultures of consumption and politics influence and infect each other — consumerised politics and politicised consumption.

Packaging persuasion

About Approximately Probably the biggest challenge with word choice in marketing comes when billion-dollar corporations want to translate just the right English word into the perfect equivalent in another language.

The most famous marketing fiasco based on translation was the Chevy Nova. Translated into Spanish, Nova meant "Doesn't Go. It was soon brought to their attention that the Spanish translation read, "Are you lactating? Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer, Electrolux, used the following in an American campaign: On occasion we need to remain silent and let the other person talk.

We have heard in sales that the first one to talk after the close loses. After the persuasion process and the final decision is ready to be made, make your proposal and shut up. The silence is nerve-wracking, but it's a critical time to let the prospect make the decision without you rambling on and on about the product or service.

How often have you noticed a sales rep overselling a product? You were ready to make the purchase by handing over your credit card. The sales rep felt you needed to know everything about the product and he started to fill you in.

This caused doubt to creep into your mind and you ended up leaving, telling the salesman you would think about it. When someone has been persuaded and convinced, there is no reason to say any more. Strike when the iron is hot! More communication is not necessarily better persuasion.

In fact, the less you talk, the smarter people think you are. The more you say, the more common and less in control you appear. Many individuals try to impress people with what they know by flaunting all their wisdom, but usually this strategy is just a turn-off.

Pretend you are standing in a beautiful, sunny kitchen. You reach across the counter and grab a bright, juicy orange. You can feel it is heavy with sweet, ripe juice. You can smell the delicious orange scent as you rub the oil of the skin on your hand.

Reaching for a knife, you slice the orange and begin to peel back the skin. The aroma only becomes stronger as you tear the sections apart. One of the sections drips bright, sticky orange juice over your finger.

You raise this juicy section to your lips and take a bite. As your teeth sink into the orange, you feel the juice burst out and swish around your teeth and tongue. The juice is incredibly sweet!

You savor it a moment, cradling a puddle on your tongue before swallowing. Did your mouth water? The extra-ordinary thing is that if I had simply instructed you to produce saliva, you couldn't have done it.

The vivid picturing technique works far better than the command because your mind cannot distinguish between what is imagined and what is real. A Persuader has the ability to paint a picture with his words.

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The prospects will be able to see, hear, feel, and experience exactly what he is talking about. The prospects become part of the message and can more fully understand how the product or service will change their life.

The Persuader stimulates his prospects' senses by using words that activate their mind. You present your message through positive emotions because the positive thoughts of the audience will color their perception of what you want them to do. We can all say, "I walked on the beach," but that's not half as effective as saying, "The sun was up and shining brightly on the warm sand.

I took off my shoes and felt the soft sand between my toes.

Packaging persuasion

The seagulls floated lazily across the ocean sky. The waves soothed my soul as they rhythmically crashed against the shore.I: The Law of Verbal Packaging II: "The law of verbal packaging states that the more skillful you are in the use of language and vocal techniques, the more persuasive you will be."--Kurt W.

Mortensen III: I believe the Law of Verbal Packaging is being able to talk language that is both impressive and understandable to make the listener more susceptible to persuasion. A crucial role of packaging design is to persuade consumers to buy your product.

The key to making your packaging design persuasive is to find a proper balance between communicating category benefits and distinctive brand benefits. Plus, try adding a persuasive call-to-action. Packaging Persuasion Pamela Accetta Smith () ext.

[email protected] Yes, it’s true. When trying to get kids to drink more milk, it’s all about the packaging. Sure, as. Apr 08,  · The Art of Persuasion. Posted: April 8, by Linda Casey.

The packaging surprised her, pleasantly, but she had great ideas on how to improve a few things. We took it to heart, and they are now a favorite retailer for us. They move a lot of FreshTape.”. Packaging Persuasion When purchasing products today, Americans tend to focus more on the packaging rather than the actual product inside, making this century all about looks.

From different brands of breakfast cereal to the cosmetics or beauty products we use, packaging holds great value and meaning. Packages are full of persuasion and appeal. Below is an essay on "Packaging Persuasion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When purchasing products today, Americans tend to focus more on the packaging rather than the actual product inside, making this century all about looks.

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