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Thesis or Project Submission Form Signatures: The Dean of the College will review your thesis and add her or his signature, if approved. Please leave a phone number and preferred e-mail address where you can be reached. It is recommended that you maintain a means of accessing your thesis file in case changes need to be made.

Ohiolink thesis submission

Complete removal versus document removal placeholder uploaded with metadata remaining University of Toledo Take-Down Request Policy We do not have an articulated policy on take-down requests We have received one take-down notice January from Pearson Publishing for a dissertation that had been on the ETD Center for nearly two years.

The take-down letter specified the terms of the take-down request The infringing material was to be redacted on all forms of the document and on all platforms.

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Documents are submitted in order Ohiolink thesis submission meet graduation requirements. All requests are granted. Former students can request a Delay in Publication if they receive a journal or book deal after the document has been published. BGSU has not had a copyright infringement issue to date but would comply with any official request.

ETDs facing copyright infringement or ones that could do personal harm to a person named in the document may be modified with the approval of the graduate dean. Submission Deadlines Final version by deadline versus submission by deadline with additional revisions allowed for a short period after The University of Toledo Submission Deadline Process We changed our final submission deadline uploading to OhioLINK infrom four weeks prior to the last day of each term, to the last day of each term.

Students were submitting poorly formatted documents or incomplete documents, which caused additional work for the ETD reviewer and delay in graduation processing. After changing the final submission deadline to The time for our office to conduct format reviews increased and we were able to meet more initial requests and conduct second reviews if needed.

The increased time between format review and submission meant we were able to conduct more Open Labs for formatting assistance.

Ohiolink thesis submission

The additional time afforded the student resulted in an increase in the number of documents that were correctly completed and formatted, which reduced the amount of time our office had to spend on document readiness at submission time.

Students told us that the extra time was vital for them in terms of document presentation and incorporating changes recommended at their defense. We began to track the defenses, and incorporated that language and procedure into our required forms, making explicit that a student could not upload to OhioLINK if their document was not complete and successfully defended.

Again, the additional four weeks is vital to ensuring that students are managing their timelines in consultation with their advisors to ensure a timely graduation. However, there are still errors due to inconsistent formatting, not using the required templates, forgetting an HSRB form, or not putting the exact title that was approved by their committee, etc.

Ohiolink thesis submission

We give them one week to the date of our letter to make these corrections. No corrections to the document are allowed once approved by the Graduate School. Once the student submits the final document, this is reviewed by Graduate School staff up until the submission deadline.Dissertation and Thesis Formatting for OhioLINK ETD Submission 2 Created by Andrew Revelle ([email protected]), March University Libraries.

Even for fully digital ETDs, a document must be submitted to OhioLINK that contains required front matter (title page, table of contents, etc.), a brief explanation of . Go to OhioLink ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) submission site Create a user ID and password With your user ID/password, you can access the ETD center to review your document submission pages as often as necessary until you submit your final document.

Dissertation and Thesis Formatting for OhioLINK ETD Submission 2 Created by Andrew Revelle ([email protected]), March University Libraries. Home / Academics / College of Graduate Studies / Current Students / Dissertation and Thesis Information / Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines.

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Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines. Print Page. Part 1. Introduction and Contacts The link to the OhioLINK ETD Center’s submission tool. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission.

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College of Graduate Studies. Rev. This form is to be completed upon completion of your thesis or dissertation.

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