Newsweek science writers

Career[ edit ] Begley graduated from Yale University in with a Bachelor of Arts degree in combined sciences. Schwartz explained the results of Schwartz's research into the origin and treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior. The book then explores the ability of various therapeutic treatments to change the functioning of the neural pathways of the brain and the relationship between this research and the traditional meditative practices of Buddhism.

Newsweek science writers

Mike Bowers for the Guardian On 28 AprilNewsweek ran a story on page 64 that became one of its most popular. In short, their argument goes: Indeed, the issue raises questions about the relationship between science writers and scientists as well as the attitudes toward science of individuals with political agendas.

Should people like Roberts be ignored? Newsweek science writers if they are a senator, does that mean journalists have a duty to report what they say?

If they do cover the story, how should it be done? Journalists have a tendency to look for stories that are out of the ordinary and search out views that are different. This is exactly what happened in the s.

But even then, most scientists publishing research on the future of the climate thought it was going to get warmer. Researchers looked at scientific papers published between and Across all the relevant papers, only seven predicted global cooling. Some 20 papers took a neutral stance on future temperatures, with 44 predicting temperatures would rise.

This research is well known. It was published in Anyone seeking an honest conversation would refer to it. Tired claims in the the Roberts report The document Roberts brought to parliament was well stocked with his usual claims and covered much of the ground he previously trampled in his maiden speech.

Roberts was flanked by the Canadian geology professor Tim Ballwho also rejects the thesis that humans cause climate change, and the US-based blogger Tony Heller. Both helped him write the report. Why cite one study but not the other? This is entirely false.

The IPCC collates scientific research that looks at human drivers of climate change the release of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning being a main one in the context of natural fluctuations. Yet his chart shows CO2 peaking higher each year.

What is causing the rapidly rising background trend? Why only show four years of data when there are more than 50 years of data available? But the reason that CO2 levels in the atmosphere change seasonally is mostly down to the photosynthesis of plants uptake and respiration.

The variations also depend on where you take your measurements. Republicans are rejecting reality on climate change Dana Nuccitelli Read more But various studies have shown that humans emit about 50 or 60 times more CO2 annually than volcanoes. At times the report argues against itself.

In the US, where much of the climate science denial machinery has its base, the same groups who have funded organisations pushing climate science denial have started to pour money into journalism.

There is now a network of outlets stridently pro-climate science denial.

newsweek science writers

So how should we all deal with this? If journalists aspire to protect the public, then producing stories that allow debunked climate science denial talking points to hang in the air like a bad smell is not going to cut it. What happens if journalists fail to give context, fail to expose potential vested interests or fail to distinguish between genuine expertise and fringe beliefs?

The impact is not benign. Instead of protecting the public interest, we can end up doing harm.Jul 14,  · You guys are supposed to be science writers. I know you have some inkling of what the scientific method entails.

Yet somehow when it comes to this and related assertions there seems to . Newsweek special edition covers UFOs and the search for aliens in a positive light.

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas October 19, 0. Newsweek recently released a special edition magazine titled Life Beyond Earth? The The kind of pictures writers like me search hours for, so that is why this excited me so much.

Some of the pictures were even. Reporter covering science, health and the environment. Winner of the National Association of Science Writers' science reporting award. Into chemicals, climate, weird diseases. Of course, the aim of this Newsweek article isn't to educate people about the science, but to advocate public vaccine policy.

In fact, the whole purpose of the article is to promote a new mobile app developed by the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative, of which the author is co-founder and chair. Feb 05,  · Science & Health; Food; Life Stories Sources inside the Newsweek newsroom also confirmed to Salon that executive editor Ken Li was also laid .

Facts don’t matter in commentaries printed by Newsweek so long as the writer “seems genuine”. That’s the takeaway from a troubling email exchange with Newsweek Opinion Editor Nicholas Wapshott in response to concerns and questions I raised about a recent commentary attacking the organic.

In , Newsweek Predicted A New Ice Age. We’re Still Living with the Consequences.