Metadiscourse in persuasive writing a study of texts from parents


Metadiscourse in persuasive writing a study of texts from parents

The purpose of doing this study is to investigate the effectiveness of using metadiscourse by Malaysian college students in argumentative writing.

Reading in a Foreign Language: Metadiscourse and ESP reading comprehension: An exploratory study

English Language Teaching; Vol. May 13, Accepted: June 24, Online Published: August 15, doi: The aims of the study is to examine the frequency and distribution of metadiscourse used by the particular students in argumentative writing as well as to analyze the errors that made by the particular students in using metadiscourse.

The finding shows that Malaysian college students are more inclined to using textual metadiscourse instead of interpersonal metadiscourse. Besides, the selected students are using less code glosses and stance indicator in their argumentative writing. In addition, Malaysian college students committed quite a number of errors in using metadiscourse and practices are needed to train them in using metadiscourse correctly.

metadiscourse in persuasive writing a study of texts from parents

These findings are useful for Malaysian tertiary level of educators or teachers as they help the educators to figure out the weaknesses of students in using metadiscourse.

Introduction Metadiscourse is widely used by writers to interact with the readers, especially in argumentative writing. Hence, it is important for our local students to have the knowledge to use metadiscourse accurately in order to produce a written product which will interact with readers effectively.

In other words, by using metadiscourse accurately in writing, it will help the writer to convey the intended message of the writing content more efficiently to the readers.

Metadiscourse is an intuitively attractive concept as it seems to offer a motivated way of collecting under one heading the range of devices writers use to explicitly organize their texts, engage readers, and signal their attitudes to both their material and their audience.

This promise, however, has never been fully realized because metadiscourse remains and under-theorized and empirically vague.

metadiscourse in persuasive writing a study of texts from parents

The view of metadiscourse and the descriptive framework discussed in this paper emerges from corpus analysis of essays written by students from vary colleges in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Our purpose of selecting the college students in this study is to observe their level of exposure and understanding of using metadiscourse towards the format of argumentative writing. The language they contain has been produced naturally for the purpose of real life communication, whether casual conversations between workmates or academic essays written by students.

It has not, in other words, been produced under controlled conditions for purposes such as teaching or research. Concordance tools are computer programmes designed to sift out and read specific language features, at the behest of the researcher, from the language contained in the corpus: This enables the researcher to observe specific language functions as well as the framework of norms that are defined by the community in which the communication is taking place, and which shapes features of the discourse such as formality and vocabulary.

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The Usage of Metadiscourse in Argumentative Writing by ... - Eric However, the fact that there were significant differences between the two groups for two of the four items provides some food for thought. In question 1, the Principles group more clearly understood the main discourse function of the three extracts.
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In terms of student essay writing, these norms are defined by the academic community that the lecturer who set the task belongs to, and into which the student is being apprenticed.

A generic weakness with corpora studies is that the language observed and can only be viewed within the very limited context of the concordance lines, which is particularly problematic when studying features such as metadiscourse which are context dependent Hyland, In defence, concordance programmes have a feature that allows the researcher to expand on a chosen concordance line to view the context in which the language operates.

A number of writers Charles, ; Granger, ; Luzon, ; Weber, also caution that corpus studies compliment, and do not replace, other research methods.

L2 Learners’ Use of Metadiscourse Markers in Online Discussion Forums

Luzon and Weberfor example, call for corpora approaches to teaching academic writing to be combined with genre analysis whilst Charles argues for the teaching of specific rhetorical functions by combining corpora studies with discourse analysis. A corpus based study does not necessarily define the boundaries of a research project yet forms, in many respects, a potential starting point for further analysis.

Argumentative writing is considered as the central of many disciplines Kuteeva,where all the students are going to produce one of this type of writing sooner or later. It is considered as the most complicated type of writing for non-native speakers Johns, as it involves the writer interacting with the reader Hyland, This shows that interaction between the writer and readers in an argumentative essay is very important.

In order to achieve this, writers need to have the skills in using metadiscourse because it is considered as one of the interaction tools used in writing. It also depends on a shared knowledge of discplinary practices between reader and writer, as well as understanding and familiarity with the genre Hyland, which can be highly problematic for L2 writers who may lack th cultural insight as well as the necessary linguistic sophistication Aijmer, ; Park, He argued that metadiscourse is the language of a community of practice in that it shapes the discourse so as to conform to the knowledge building norms of that community Hyland Thompson concurs, stating interactive metadiscourse needs to form the focus of training in acdemic writing.

With the literature review that was obtained, the researchers decided to conduct a corpus based study on metadiscourse in argumentative writing in order to look into the effectiveness of metadiscourse usage by Malaysian college students.

Although the term is defined by various scholars in different ways, it is seen as an umbrella term including an array of features that help relate a text to its context by assisting readers to connect, organiseand interpret material in a way preferred by the writer with regard to the understandings and values of a particular discourse community Halliday, Following Hylandp.

During reading, the reader, by making use of these metadiscoursal features, decodes, reconstructs and interprets the text.


Metadiscourse has informed several studies that focus on text features, cross-cultural variations and writing pedagogy Hyland,p. Its importance in writing cannot be disputed and over the past decades, the study of MD has garnered much attention from researchers of Second Language L2 writings.

This is evidenced by the number of studies that ranged from classification to cross-cultural studies on MD. Researchers such as Vande KoppleCrismore et al and Hyland have classified MD into different functional categories to explain the workings of MD.

Vande Kopple categorized MD into two main domains — textual and interpersonal. They then removed temporal connectives and narrators and created the code glosses, illocution markers and announcement as interpretative markers.Recent trends in the study of written texts reflect a growing interest in interaction between readers and writers.

Several studies have focused on metadiscourse as an important interactive feature that is believed to facilitate the reading process. Metadiscourse is a valuable tool which provides rhetorical effects in the text, such as providing logic and reliance in the text, so the instruction of metadiscourse markers is a useful means for the teachers to help students enrich their writing practices for effective communication.

This paper analyzes the results of a corpus-based study on the usage of metadiscourse in argumentative writing by Malaysian college students. The aims of the study is to examine the frequency and distribution of metadiscourse used by the particular. This paper analyzes the results of a corpus-based study on the usage of metadiscourse in argumentative writing by Malaysian college students.

The aims of the study is to examine the frequency and. Interactions in L1 and L2 undergraduate student writing: Interactional metadiscourse in successful and less-successful argumentative essays and parents and schools should consider these benefits.

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(ESLA). A. Crismore, R. Markkanen, M.S. SteffensenMetadiscourse in persuasive writing: A study of texts written by American and Finnish. Hyland’s () model of metadiscourse in academic texts was taken as a starting point for the analysis of the present study. As noted above, Hyland divides metadiscourse used in academic texts into two categories, namely interactive resources and interactional resources.

The Usage of Metadiscourse in Argumentative Writing by - Eric -