Laura kipnis against love

Work[ edit ] In her book Against Love: A Polemic, a "ragingly witty yet contemplative look at the discontents of domestic and erotic relationships, Kipnis combines portions of the slashing sexual contrarianism of Mailerthe scathing antidomestic wit of early Roseanne Barr and the coolly analytical aesthetics of early Sontag.

Laura kipnis against love

Argento has called it a shakedown.

Against Love: A Polemic by Laura Kipnis

He says she got him drunk, then forced him to have sex. She initially denied the sex. Subsequent reports suggested that she told friends it was he who had initiated sex. Both accounts seem to have their inconsistencies: Bennett demanded a settlement from Argento, but now that the case has been exposed he says in a statement that he was triggered by her claim to have been sexually victimised by Harvey Weinstein.

Laura kipnis against love

Does he mean to say her claims were in competition with his — that his negates hers? The mobbing aimed at Argento and Ronell demanded comforting stories of villainous monsters, and if anything, the gender twist lent an extra viciousness to the proceedings.

See a Problem?

What that means in legal terms is an interesting question. Is the emphasis on sex required because other ways of framing the story might raise human questions too complex to be settled via a lawsuit? Yet what if a non-legal framing got us closer to some sort of truth? Once there she stalks him through the fog, fantasising — no matter how much he tries to deter her — that he returns her love.

Not a happy story.

Laura kipnis against love

And not especially relevant in the current climate: Hence some of the vitriol, no doubt. In the frame of the lawsuit or campus tribunals, neediness can only be construed as sexual. The easier stories are the simple ones that operate on one vector alone: Personally, I wonder what it feels like to slay the flamboyant-admired-loathed-desired monster-mentor with the sharp sword of a lawsuit, or butcher a temptress mother, leaving her bleeding and destroyed.

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Not that that is what happened here — but at some level it is what happens in all our imaginations, which is what makes fables like these so entrancing.

Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus Topics.Sep 03,  · But 40 years after Betty Friedan, Laura Kipnis has arrived with a new jeremiad, Against Love: A Polemic, to tell us that this hope was forlorn: Marriage, she suggests, belongs on the junk heap of.

Against Love A Polemic by Laura Kipnis available in Trade Paperback on, also read synopsis and reviews. "Will all the adulterers in the room please stand up?" So begins Kipnis's profoundly provocative and. “Reading Against Love, I felt invigorated half the time and plunged into the deepest, most morose pit of self-pitying despair the rest of it–in other words, I felt as if I Reviews: The People vs.

Laura Kipnis The People vs. Laura Kipnis Marriage, and even monogamous relationships, as described in Against Love, aren’t the source of romantic happiness, they’re “domestic gulags.” In The Female Thing, she turned her focus to women themselves.


The stunt earned her the scorn of her censorious older sister.. I was surprised by the censorious tone of the book review. Laura Kipnis is a cultural theorist/critic and former video artist. Her present work focuses on the intersections of American politics, psyche, and the body—with detours through love, Marx, gender distress, adultery, scandal, Freud, and the legacy of the avant-garde.

In addition to six books, her essays and reviews have appeared in Slate, The Nation, .

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