Interprofessional working collaboration

We apologize for the inconvenience. To train persons from any professional discipline who are delivering wound care practice to provide scientific grounding in the elements of wound healing science, establish interdisciplinary wound healing provision as a field of specialty and to translate new knowledge into practice Objectives: Our objective is to recruit a mix of physicians, nurses and other health professionals working in the field or in related industry.

Interprofessional working collaboration

Remember me Module 1: An introduction to interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration Open The nature of collaboration, why it is important, its purposes and its growing place in policy and practice. To study this course you must register or login Module 2: To study this course you must register or login Module 3: Building relationships, establishing trust and negotiating with other workers Open Making initial contact, developing relationships, trust, values, conflict, barriers, self-assessment.

To study this course you must register or login Module 4: Working together to assess needs, strengths and risks Open What is assessment, and its importance; considering the contributions of other professionals when undertaking an assessment; balancing needs, strengths and Interprofessional working collaboration using a family scenario and their neighbourhood networks.

To study this course you must register or login Module 5: To study this course you must register or login Module 6: Working collaboratively in different types of teams Open Types of teams, networks, organisations, images, group and team development, roles.

To study this course you must register or login Module 7: The practitioner, the agency and inter-agency collaboration Open How agencies shape professional roles and supply key resources, the interdependence of agencies and professionals, and the importance of inter-agency collaboration in supporting and safeguarding service users.

To study this course you must register or login Module 8: Key policy and legislation with implications for interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration Open A timeline of collaboration-related policy, commissioned reports and legislation in England and Wales with additional examples relating to people who use care services and to carers.

To study this course you must register or login Course details Who they are suitable for Open These resources are suitable for students studying for the social work degree and post-qualifying awards, educators, and practitioners in social work and social care.

The resources may also be useful to practitioners and students from other disciplines and may interest people who use social care services and carers who are not directly involved as educators.

Interprofessional working collaboration

Terms of useOpen All material in these resources, including text, graphics, photographs, video and audio is copyright of the Social Care Institute for Excellence SCIEunless otherwise stated. Any known issue with an individual course is noted on the opening page of that course.

Please note that this course was not designed to export any scores or track progress throughout the resource.

Therefore, this course can be freely accessed by users, but there will be no tracking or grading functionality.This assignment will discuss how communication within an inter-professional team could affect collaborative working. It will focus on effective.

The International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC) is a course based on adult learning principles, accredited by the University of Toronto’s Continuing Education & Professional Development office (CEPD).

Create new career opportunities with the Teambuild construction industry competition. Register as a team or individual today. The Social Care Institute for Excellence looks at how partnership working is being encouraged.

Interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration (IPIAC) aims to bring together professionals, agencies, services users, carers and service providers. The purpose of the Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative (IPC) is to develop a valid and reliable assessment instrument for interprofessional professionalism behaviors and related educational resources for use .

2 W INTERPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION & CORE COMPETENCIES Literature Review The Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) is made up of health organizations, health educators, researchers, health professionals, and .

Interprofessional working collaboration
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