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History elective

From its founding to decline Gary Edward Forsythe: Author of The Historian L. Author of Ancient Voices Re-printed by permission "Remember, Roman, that it is for thee History elective rule the nations.

This shall be thy task, to impose the ways of peace, to spare the vanquished, and to tame the proud by war. Following this period, when a republic was established, Rome became a world power and emerged as an empire with extensive boundaries. The Roman World B. Temples were to be found there, but in contrast to the Acropolis, the Forum was dominated by secular buildings - basilicas used for judicial and other public business; the nearby Coliseum, used for gladiatorial shows; and the great palaces of the emperors rising on the neighboring Palatine Hill.

While the Acropolis was crowned with statues to Athena, the Forum gloried in triumphal arches and columns commemorating military conquests.

Rome was the capital of History elective world-state, extending from Britain to the Euphrates, and its citizens were proud of their imperial mission. Although the buildings in the Forum appear fundamentally Greek in style, they are more monumental and sumptuous. Here, then, are two clues to an understanding of the Romans: Rome was the great intermediary - the bridge over which passed the rich contributions of the ancient Near East and especially Greece, to form the basis of modern Western civilization.

The Romans replaced the anarchy of the Hellenistic Age with law and order and embraced the intellectual and artistic legacy of the conquered Greeks.

History elective

As Rome's empire expanded, this legacy was spread westward throughout most of Europe. Yet Rome was more than an intermediary, for it made many important and original contributions to our Western culture.

Throughout a history that led from a simple farming community in the plain of Latium to a strong state that became the master of the Mediterranean world as well as Gaul, Britain, and part of Germany, the Romans met one challenge after another with practicality and efficiency.

In the shadows of its marching legions went engineers and architects, so that today, scattered throughout the lands that once were part of the Roman world, the remains of roads, walls, baths, basilicas, amphitheaters, and aqueducts offer convincing evidence of the Romans' practical skills. Most lasting and far-reaching of all were Roman law and administration - for example, the separation of powers magistrates, Senate, and assembly and checks and balances in Rome's republican constitution were models for the U.

Rome To B. The history of Rome extends from B. The first period in this span of more than a thousand years ended in B. The Italian peninsula is miles long and about four times the size of Greece and two-thirds that of California. A great mountainous backbone, the Apennines, runs down almost the entire peninsula.

But the land is not so rugged as Greece, and the mountains do not constitute a barrier to political unification. Unlike in Greece, a network of roads could be built to link the regions.March 3, At the age of 28, while serving in the Illinois General Assembly, Lincoln made one of his first public declarations against slavery.

offered a variety of history elective courses, interest and performance in these new classes would be very high, as well as causing a spike in performance in required survey history courses.

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A complete history of ancient Rome from its foundings to its collapse including its leaders, emperors, philosophies and contribution to civilization. The purpose of this policy is to ensure all patients requiring access to outpatient appointments, diagnostics and elective inpatient or day-case treatment are managed in line with national waiting time standards and the NHS Constitution.

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Lincoln on Slavery - Lincoln Home National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)