Fame and positive aspects

What are the positive and negative aspects of fame? Many people dream of being famous? They imagine a luxurious lifestyle with no worries or problems. But is being famous so easy?

Fame and positive aspects

Most of the time, fame can make you rich. Singers, actors, and talk show host such as Oprah Winfrey, have proven this fact.

What are the positive and negative aspects of fame?

However, by becoming rich, famous people have other problems such as the issue of trust. The financial troubles of Gary Coleman and the death of Michael Jackson proves that famous people have to be extremely careful of who they trust.

Other friends might become friends with an individual in order to live or sponge off that person. Families are known to use their family members also. The child star, Gary Coleman was known for his role on the sitcom Different Strokes and also known for successfully suing his parents.

At the time he acted on Different Stroke, Gary Coleman was underage therefore leaving his money matters up to his parents and business adviser.

He sued his parents and business adviser because they mismanaged his money by giving themselves excessive salaries. Gary Coleman was successful in suing his parents and discovered not to trust his parents with his money. Everyone knew who Michael Jackson was. He is often talked about as the greatest pop star of all time.

Childhood Fame : The Downside.

Some may argue that he was the greatest entertainer of all time. Michael Jackson was talented and known all over the world of his music and dance moves. On June 25th, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.

It is safe to say Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray with his life. Sadly, it is too late for Jackson to recognize who not to trust.

Fame and positive aspects

Trust is needed in any relationship whether it is a business relationship, friendship, or an intimate relationship. Naturally, people will come across trust issues in their lives, therefore famous people will too.

People without fame and those with fame have the same to lose, but the people with fame will be losing a bigger amount.

A middle-class individual may trust their finances with an untrustworthy accountant and lose their good reputation to the few who know about their finances, but a person with fame can do the same and lose their good reputation with the world.

Tragedies, such as the one of Michael Jackson, prove that trusting the wrong person can lead to a wrongful death. Fame can damage the true intentions of people therefore damaging their trust.Some people are born with certain talents, and others are not Do the influence of media on the day-to-day lives of teenagers is more harmful than advantageous.

Dec 24,  · Fame: One automatically attains fame on reaching the heights in any field. As the field of network marketing is very wide and earnings are huge, hence fame is also in proportion to that.

Hence, it is justified that network marketing has a risk of failure but still the positive aspects of it dominates over the negative ones. The Psychological Consequences of Fame: Three Tests of the Self-Consciousness Hypothesis Mark Schaller University of British Columbia cific aspects of one's behavior and experiences, it seems likely that chronic self-consciousness may lead to a "global evaluation of self at a.

Fame and positive aspects

Positive and Negative Effects of Fame: Questions to consider: What makes someone famous? How does one become famous? Why are people famous?

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Why do so many people want to become famous? Negative Effects of fame: Someone who is famous has no privacy can't trust everyone. Full transcript. The most positive aspect of notoriety is being able to get some message across. If you have something to say, being known is the first step.

Then you will be able to get people to listen to you.

What are the positive and negative aspects of fame?

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