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Essay ornekleri

Giving a completely or partly form or appearance to something is called as change. Developing, growing or being older are several types of change. To illustrate, the nature is damaged, people are less healthy and living is more difficult.

While the world is changing, one should change herself at the same time with it. This is true; however, do individuals of the world know how they can change themselves? Websites which include questions and chat forums about change show that especially young generation does not know clearly how they can be different.

Since these websites are fulfilled with teenagers who ask about the strategies of change. One can learn the skills of change by watching two main strategies. The first strategy for learning the skills of change is self-knowledge. When self-knowledge is thought, two major types of self-knowledge should come to minds, which are self-knowledge about failure and self-knowledge about capacity or capability.

If one knows that she does not have ability for doing something such as, passing exams, remembering telephone numbers or cooking, she will understand and solve her problems about it. Changing oneself is similar to solving these problems.

Essay ornekleri

Firstly, one should know why she cannot change, then, she can do the necessary activities for change. To illustrate, when a fat girl wants to be fitter, she should know why she is fat, whether she is responsible for this situation or not, she could be eating too much meat or drinking too much coke or coffee with too much sugar.

After finding the causes of her situation, she may solve her problem which leads to be fitter, she can say that she changed then. Of course, being different from her first appearance can also be included in content of change. The second type of self-knowledge is about knowing own capacities and abilities.

When one knows what she can do for changing or developing herself, she can be encouraged herself for being successful about change and limiting herself to do useful activities for change. This means that, is she has information about her abilities such as cooking, make up, reading book in different languages or diving, she may develop herself easily as she does not start any strategy which she cannot do to change or develop herself.

Limiting herself doing what she cannot do may make her successful in the changing process.

Essay ornekleri

The second and the most important strategy for learning change is changing herself in two area. The first area of changing herself is mental change.

This means that trusting herself in changing process. When one believes that she can change what she wants, this thought can motivate her starting to change. In addition to this, trusting herself for having ability for change may help her to be used to changes.

When she is used to changes, change will be her life style. She will not stay at the same point after this process.

Essay orneklerii

She will want to develop herself frequently. In addition to changing herself mentally, changing herself physically is also effective for learning the skills of change.

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Changing physically makes one stronger and happier. Being happier and stronger makes individuals more successful in change. When one trusts that her appearance is better than past, she will be fulfilled with passion for change.

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As a result of this like self-knowledge about capacityone feels herself motivated for developing oneself. In addition to this, her lifestyle will change with her changes too. After his observations, he made changes clearly and strongly.Argumentative essay türü üniversitelerin hazırlık sınıflarındaki sınavlarda ve hazırlık geçme sınavlarında en çok karşımıza çıkan türlerden biridir.

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