Efectele evaziunii fiscale in romania

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Efectele evaziunii fiscale in romania

The authors of these stories pretended that Romanians killed almost half a million Jews in WW II; they arrived at this figure in an awkward manner. Firstly, long before this campaign, intwo scholars, one Romanian and the other Jew, met together and published a paper on this subject in Rome, Italy, in which the figure was 15, but not of Jews exterminated by the Romanians; it related to the Jewish casualties in Romania, which makes a big difference.

Filderman, formerly President of the Jewish Community of Romania. In other words, one was a high level specialist in the very field of statistics and census, the other was the head of the minority that pretends today the above stated extermination.

Furthermore, both authors had qualifications beyond the level stated above. In other words, both were intellectuals of a higher standard and knowledgeable, by their professions, in the development of the population in Romania.

However, despite their scholarship, the figure set after their research work 15,was fully stretched in Jewish favor. I shall call this figure Stage I of denigration. They listed the largest figure mentioned in the statistical reports they made use of; for instance, if two reports came from the same village, one informing of 10 casualties and the other of 15, the researchers listed the largest figure, Therefore, the real number of Jews who died in Romania in the war was between 10, and 15, Anyhow, after the publication of that paper, the two parties were more or less content with that figure, then they forgot about those tragic events, went back to their usual work, and the situation remained calm during almost 20 years.

Before long it rose again to Stage III: It should be stressed that these new figures have been published by Zionists alone, without any contribution or investigation underwritten by the Romanians. While the documentation for Stage I is available to any researcher and can be checked for accuracy at any time, the figures relating to Stages II, III, and IV, had been set up without any official documentation.

If some new evidence to support a figure other than 15, had been found somewhere, this new evidence would have been published in some official journal under the aegis of both parties, but nothing of this kind was published by an authorized or specialized organization. In other words, it seems that the authors of the last three stages of denigration have changed the number of the dead by simply crossing out one figure and replacing it with another.

According to this method, even the last figure ofcan be changed at any time. As a former Romanian, I was shocked when I first became aware of the second stage of denigration. I found nothing but memories of old people, recollections of tragic war events, and declarations made in general terms which, under no circumstances, could be considered as documents in support of such a grave and precise accusation as the one charging the Romanians with the killing ofJews.

My secretary was in touch with Dr. Jean Ancel of Yad Vashem Archives. The university which conferred to him a doctoral degree for such a dissertation was the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My secretary sent Dr. Ancel three letters asking for an abstract of his dessertion.

The letters were sent to no avail. Ancel answered only one letter saying that his figures are only approximate. Ancel is one of the specialists in the field of Romanian Jewry who can understand the importance of a proof when making such a grave statement.

He refused to give any proof of his statements. In general, they consider that they and they alone possess the truth. Whatever view does not conform to their views is by definition a lie, immoral, anti-Semite, racist, and neo-Nazi.

When these people write about those events, their writings are so full of vague and general statements that it is almost impossible for the concerned reader not to suspect them of posing as victims.

Here is an example. Juliana Geran Pilon is a Jew born in Romania. Pilon says further, they killedmore. Now, in order to understand the absurdity of such an allegation I should bring back to mind what happened in Romania inthe year when the Germans came. Dawidowicz declares that there wereJews.

The loss of the national territory put a shameful end to the corrupt regime of King Carol who was obliged to abdicate. He was chased from Romania together with his Jewish lover, Ms. Magda Wolf-Lupescu, his mentor and counselor. This is the period referred to by Ms.Update valabil de la 1 ianuarie - Descarca varianta PDF VALABILA DE LA 1 IANUARIE Codul fiscal a fost actualizat prin Ordonanta nr din 30 august Update 20 Iulie Codul fiscal a fost actualizat prin .

EFECTELE EVAZIUNII FISCALE - THE EFFECTS OF FISCAL EVASION (Romanian version) Eusebiu Neculai Anitei Additional contact information Eusebiu Neculai Anitei: Drd. Universitatea de Stat din Republica Moldova, Facultatea de Drept, Chisinau Jurnalul de Studii Juridice, , vol. 1, Author: Eusebiu Neculai Anitei.

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Efectele evaziunii fiscale in romania

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From the , Jews who were still in Romania after the war, about , emigrated to Israel (see the Statistical Bulletin of Israel, vol. 3, ) and about , to Western Europe and USA. There are still between 35, and 50, Jews in Romania today. Trojan Remover Build Full: ".

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