Describe your favorite sport cricket

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Describe your favorite sport cricket

Describe your favorite sport cricket

We started with Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid athletes and expanded the pool from there using a variety of domestic and international sources to make sure we didn't overlook any legitimate candidates.

You can find the World Fame here. The data for each athlete in the pool was then fed into a formula created by ESPN director of sports analytics Ben Alamar that weighs athletes' endorsements, their following on the social media Big Three Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Google search popularity, producing a comparative ranking system.

The analysis includes five categories: For special situations esports and China we used two additional categories: Salary is not used as a factor because of differences among sports. For example, players in a league with a salary cap would be at an unfair disadvantage when measured against players in uncapped leagues.

Endorsement dollars, however, reflect the ability to draw attention -- which is a good way to define fame. Endorsement amounts cover and were compiled by ESPN researchers.

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All currency figures were converted to U. The social media followings and Google Trend scores which show relative popularity based on how often names are searched on a scale of 0 to were as of April Where categories in the profiles are marked as NA, the athlete either doesn't have an official account for that social media site or an accurate endorsement figure could not be confirmed.

Retired athletes are not included. Therefore, popular stars such as Tony Romo No. We have also excluded amateur athletes -- Deshaun Watson, Lonzo Ball and Katie Ledecky, for example -- due to lack of salary and endorsements.PM recommits to making NZ "the best place in the world to be a child." The bill would give police the power to fine shoplifters up to one-and .

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Describe your favorite sport cricket

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