Black market organs essay

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Black market organs essay

But in China, you can get it just by selling a kidney. The teenager is now suffering from kidney failure, and just for a couple of new toys. The UK Telegraph of May 28, states that experts are saying that a rise in diabetes and Black market organs essay diseases has led to the increase in demand for human organs and as a result 10, illegal transplants, or more than 1per hour a year.

Today we are going to analyze the black market organ trade by first looking at the problems with the organ trade, second we will learn about the causes of the organ trade.

And finally we will learn how we can fix the problem by implementing some solutions because this issue is no longer just overseas, NBC news, July 11th, detailed the case of Levy Rosenbaum who pleaded guilty to 3 counts of Illegal trafficking to new jersey Based customers in exchange for payments of arounda piece.

He was sentenced to 2. This is the first federal conviction of illegal organ trafficking in U. There are two main problems with the black market organ trade.

The first problem is that it affects the poor and the weak. Korea Times, June 4, states that poor people in crisis-stricken European countries like Spain and Italy are risking illegal organ sales for extra money.

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A couple of thousand dollars for spare kidney goes a long way in third world nations. An example comes from the previous mentioned article from the New York Times, discussed how a husband and wife put up an article offering to sell their kidneys to get money to raise there kids.

According to the united Networks for organ sharing website accessed January 25 there are currentlypeople on the waiting list for a transplant. Department of health website accessed January 25, only 79 people get transplants a day. In a Guardian article from May 28,it states that data from the World health Organization shows thatsolid organ transplants occurred in 95 member states inboth legally and illegally.

Now that we have looked at the two major problems of the black market organ trade we can now look at two of the major causes. The first major cause is money and the second major cause is laws. When you get a transplant whether it be legal or illegal you have to pay a price for it.

The second major cause of the black market organ trade is the laws we have in place. In the previously mentioned Guardian article, Louis Noel a World health Organization official states that it is because of the lack of law enforcement in some countries and the lack of laws in other countries.

There is only one country that allows the legal buying and selling of organs, Iran allows people to sell and buy kidneys under the state regulated surveillance of two non-profit organizations but Iranians are not allowed to sell kidneys to non-citizens.

Black market organs essay

First we well discuss a possible opt out policy, and then we will look at enforcing and implementing laws. He believes that this system could help increase organ and tissue donations. Richard says his bill has sparked a lot of interest but that he knows both individuals and religious groups have raised concerns.

Black market organs essay

House of Foreign Affairs in that there are several things the U. His option states the U. A 2nd option that Gabriel suggests is that human trafficking for organ removal should be added to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. All of these can be implemented easily by changing rules in the affordable Health care Act.

So today we have discussed the problems, causes and solutions of the black market organ trade. With an iPad being enough to cause a series of sad events which result in teenagers with kidney failure it must make us question this subject of selling black market organs.

Without exposure and examination, the value and participation in this illegal trade will continue. Ultimately, we will be reduced to the worth of our bodies, instead of, free to be a body of worth. Choose Type of service.Essay about Selling organs on the black market Selling Organs on the Black Market Every teenager wants to own the newest iPhone or iPad but to save up for those working at .

Black market organs essay

The cause and effect on the issue of selling organs is spanning around the world, it's not just something in foreign countries, it's everywhere and selling organs is illegal everywhere except for Iran.

Costa Rica has seen a huge increase in the black market and citizens selling their organs. As for the ethical issue, the black market shows that people are going to buy and sell organs anyway, despite the illegality of the practice.

Obviously, it would be much better for the practice to be regulated, the donors fairly compensated, and the corrupt nature of the black market removed. Selling organs on the black market Essay. Every teenager wants to own the newest iPhone or iPad but to save up for those working at the local McDonald’s it would take some time - Selling organs on the black market Essay introduction.

But in China, you can get it just by selling a kidney. One of the most common arguments against legalising markets in human kidneys is that this would result in the widespread misuse that is present in the black market becoming more prevalent. In discussions of black market organs, one hand would argue that the patient would get the organ in a timely manner without being waitlisted.

On the other hand, people would argue about the state of the organ and the procedure being done by an unlicensed surgeon.