An overview of the hippie rise in the sixties during the vietnam war in the untied states of america

This era produced a new attitude towards life. One in which drugs, peace, and new fashion was on the rise.

An overview of the hippie rise in the sixties during the vietnam war in the untied states of america

Student Answers tjen Student It is important to note that the 60s counterculture had its roots in the s beatniks. By the s, the counterculture became a mainstream movement.

An overview of the hippie rise in the sixties during the vietnam war in the untied states of america

The Vietnam War provided a perfect forum for the movement to solidify behind a cause and it then moved onto college campuses and grew in epic proportions. By its nature, the anti-war movement was a rejection of authority especially when one considers that the soldiers expected to fight were not volunteers, they were conscripted.

The modern day wars differ from Vietnam in that core fact, the current army is an all-volunteer army and although some may argue against the war in principal a soldier who volunteers for military service is similar to a police officer in that there is an inherent risk with the job. For the first time, Americans in their living rooms were exposed to the reality of war.

Vietnam War Protests - HISTORY

Body counts were published. The impact of this was horror, shock, and disgust for many people which fueled the rebellion. You could also look at the effects of protests against the war and their outcome.

And of course, there is the rampant drug use both by soldiers and protesters, ranging from marijuana to psychotropic drugs. Wide-spread use to escape reality or to seek enlightenment through pharmaceuticals lead to tighter drug laws in the US in the s and s. Unlock All Answers Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more, enjoy eNotes ad-free, and get the following:The Civil Rights Movement and the escalating war in Vietnam were the two greatest catalysts for social protest in the sixties (University of Virginia: The Civil Rights Movement.

). The ongoing and escalating war in Vietnam was the focus of many of the major protests during the sixties as its effects were felt throughout the world.

What were the causes of the Hippie movement of the 's? Update Cancel. ad by EverQuote. In this regard the signal issues of the day--the Vietnam War and civil rights--gave credence to certain aspects of the Hippie indictment of society's institutions.

And perhaps those flash-points broadened the appeal of the Hippie movement while .

Why did the counterculture occur in the 60s

During the movement, Hippies became the largest and most prominent countercultural group in the States. Most people have a very solid notion of what a hippie is and it probably involves long hair, goofy looking, over-sized glasses and multicolored bell-bottoms. Interjecting a shorter short answer: Civil Unrest.

Short Answer: For MANY reasons, almost to complicated to get into as you can see from the long answer below.

The Groovy Sixties

But basically, this new generation. The Counterculture of the s! Home; Study Guides; U.S. History II; The Counterculture of the s Everyday Life in America; The Rise of Urban America; Politics, Farming, Empire, – The United States in World War I; Wilson and the Peace Settlement; America in the Twenties.

The United States appeared to have descended from the pinnacle of power and respect it had occupied at the close of World War II to a small, hounded position, and Reagan had hit on a symbolic way of expressing rage over that change.

Swinging Sixties: The Civil Rights Movement and War in Vietnam - Assignment Example