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Acme global consulting

The Electronic Product Code EPC is a system for the identification of individual physical objects, including trade items, logistics units, documents, service relations, locations, and other physical assets.

Every physical object can be assigned a unique EPC, and with a unique EPC a physical object can be the subject of electronic information. Why are there different forms of the EPC? The EPC is designed to be used in a variety of ways, and the different forms exist to serve those needs.

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The "Pure Identity" form of the EPC is the main form that business applications and information systems use when they want to refer to any physical object by its EPC identifier. This makes a total of four different forms.

This is a common misunderstanding, but it is not Acme global consulting. The EPC is a unique identifier that an information system can use to refer to a specific physical object. This is another common misunderstanding. But an EPC can also be stored in 1-D and 2-D bar codes, or written in human-readable text, or transmitted in an electronic document, message, or database record.

And the "GS1 Key" form of the EPC is used in bar codes, as well as electronic documents, messages, and databases that were originally designed to work with bar code data.

What is a GS1 Key? There are nine different types of GS1 Keys defined, each used to identify a specific type of thing. An EPC always identifies a specific physical object. Some GS1 Keys, however, identify a class of object rather than a specific object. This is because in the other EPC forms, there is an explicit separation between the GCP and the rest of the identifier.

Acme global consulting

In general, this is information you must obtain from some outside source. If you are a trading partner of the company that issued the GS1 Key, you may ask that company.

What does it mean for the GS1 Company Prefix length to be "inferred"? In some cases, it uses data published by the GS1 Global Office. In some cases, none of the available sources provide the length, so you will have to enter a length yourself. The EPC Binary Encoding contains exactly the same information, but it is compacted into a very efficient string of binary ones and zeros, in order to require as little memory as possible in the RFID tag itself.

For example, the serial number in a Serialized Global Trade Item Number SGTIN can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters, but if the bit encoding is selected then the serial number must be all-numeric, must not have leading zeros, and must have a numeric value falling within a certain range.

The other choice uses more bits, but is free of all such restrictions. The bit choice is provided because up until very recently this was the largest available memory size for RFID tags. This can make reading performance very slow.

By programming a different filter value onto the pallet tag, it is possible for the reader to broadcast a "select" command instructing only the pallet tag to respond. The filter value is just extra information that is there to help RFID readers do their job better.

It normally only plays a role in data capture, and is not communicated to business applications. What are the standards for the the different forms of the EPC?Running Head: AMCE 1 Acme Global Consulting Michael Smith CIS Jan.

20, Jean-Robert Bokino Acme Global Consulting My name is Michael Smith and I am here to convince you to use an E-R model to develop a database.

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