A description of doraemon who is absolutely best known and a hero as an animation character

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A description of doraemon who is absolutely best known and a hero as an animation character

Doraemon Main Characters and its Birth Story Doraemon first began as a manga, then onto animation, films and now you can see him on a wide variety of products. Fujio created this ever popular cat-shaped robot back in the s.

Doraemon came from the 22nd century to support Nobita, they develop friendship and chose to stay together even after Doraemon achieved his assignment. Unique Doraemon main characters make a story rich, you can empathize with someone in it.

He is a cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, hence born on September 3,and is sent back in time by Sewashi to aid Nobita. Originally, his assignment was to take care of Sewashi.

While his main purpose is to aid Nobita, they share the equal friendship, enjoy playing together and even goes too far together.

Once he played bowls and broke the mirror stand, which was a disaster. Doraemon possesses a fourth-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store. His feet are an inch above all the time, no need for shoes.


Subtle anti-gravity on his skin keeps him clean by just an easy wipe. Usually, the ears of a cat-shaped robot like Doraemon, are sound collectors working as an aide.

Yet it looks like he has an immense trust among neighboring cats, he is often asked to do some favor for them. He is a big eater and hopelessly in love with Dorayakiwhich is a well-known fact.

He also likes Mochi rice cakes and watermelon, too. He easily falls in love not only with female cats but also girls as well. Doraemon takes a really good care of himself, he has his comb and dryer ordinary ones in his pocket.

He has a spare pocket in case of damaged or lost. Although many parts of him are out of function, his body is sturdy and recovers quickly even under the condition an ordinary person would get hurt badly.

Nobita Nobi Nobita in an yellow shirt Pinterest Nobita is a fourth grader, born on 7, August, and the only child to his parents. However, those flaws we can relate ourselves to him greatly among the other Doraemon main characters.

However, he is notably more kind and heroic than the rest of the gang when the situation calls for it. He used to live with his grandmother, who she was really kind and loved him.

This is very opposite of his mother, who is very strict to Nobita. Beaten by Giant, scolded by the teacher and by his mother, bitten by a dog and fell into a ditch, which is an ordinary day of Nobita. Once his grandmother gave Nobita a Daruma doll as a gift, telling to stand up again with his might, even he takes a tumble like a Daruma doll.

Nobita promised her that he would be that strong to his grandmother. He is good at making string figures and surprisingly enough, Nobita is excellent at shooting which fought off the enemy.Doraemon main characters are well-known by all the Japanese kids and adults as well.

Everybody wished to have Doraemon's gadgets to make dreams come true. Best Doraemon Characters interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or comment on the Best Doraemon Characters.

FBI Homepage with links to news, services, stories and information of interest to the public. Hello! Just a short description of Doraemon, my favourite cartoon character Hope you will enjoy this!

Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the 22nd century of the future. #MS "Doraemon" or simply Doraemon is the main, titular character of all Doraemon media (including, but not limited to the original manga, the anime (, , and ), video games, and movies). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and timberdesignmag.comed by Zack Snyder, the film is the second installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), following 's Man of Steel.

A description of doraemon who is absolutely best known and a hero as an animation character

It was written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer, and features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse.

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